Jessica van Graan

Foundation phase teacher

My objective as a co-founder and teacher at Bushwillow School is to integrate my 10 years of teaching experience with the lessons I have learnt as a home-schooling mom of three.

The more time I spent in traditional schooling, the more I realized that our current teaching approaches have been failing our children, since we are trying to make them fit into a box instead of collaborating with them.

If your children are valued and recognized as co-learners and can have a say in the direction of their own education, you will see children will get excited about learning, feel great empathy for others, develop critical thinking and develop their own brand of creativity.

Jenilyn Deyzel

Intermediate Phase Teacher

 I believe in education, I believe in creative thinking and I believe in kindness. Children learn in such a diverse manner, our teaching techniques need to reflect this; they need to be dynamic and motivate young people to enjoy learning! I always say to the university students that I mentor, that if you are enjoying the class, there is a good chance that the learners are also! I have been teaching for 9 years, in 3 different countries, and what I have found is that if learning is fun, learners retain more knowledge. We need to foster curiosity and excitement about the world around us, as teachers we need to create awareness and to make sure that every child knows, that knowledge, really is power.


Teaching Assistant Intermediate Phase


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