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Education for the Entrepreneur – Driven Future

Today’s article is a guest post by Isaac Morehouse, Founder and CEO of Praxis. Praxis is a 9 month startup apprenticeship program that leads directly to a full time job, no degree required.

Software is eating the world.

Those words, popularized by the creator of the first web browser and now venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, describe the present and foretell the future. First it was industry and ever more advanced machines. Once machines became programmable software became the most powerful force for progress.

This scares a lot of people. It shouldn’t.

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Sir Ken Robinson Shares Five Reasons You Should Take Your Class Outside

‘We learn much more from the world around us then we necessarily do sitting at desks,’ the education guru says.

It’s one of the hottest days of the year and the last week of term – and which teacher doesn’t want to fling open the doors and take their class on to the field, the playground or even just to sit in the courtyard?

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Praising children: Evaluative vs Descriptive

“Good job!” “What a wonderful story!” “Your painting is beautiful!” Sound familiar? If you are like me, you have used these words to encourage children, hoping they will feel good about themselves, their work, and their efforts. Our intentions are good but what if the affect is not what we intended?

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No grades, no timetable: Berlin school turns teaching upside down

Anton Oberländer is a persuasive speaker. Last year, when he and a group of friends were short of cash for a camping trip to Cornwall, he managed to talk Germany’s national rail operator into handing them some free tickets. So impressed was the management with his chutzpah that they invited him back to give a motivational speech to 200 of their employees.

Anton, it should be pointed out, is 14 years old.

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Simple Math

When it comes to learning the basics, I’ve long believed that if something’s truly basic to success, life will sooner or later present you with a situation where you’ll need it.

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How can children naturally learn Mathematics?

Excuse me while I get a little snarky, but the idea that kids won’t be able to learn maths in ‘the real world’ really makes me laugh!
If ONLY we lived in a society where mathematics was ingrained into countless facets of our lives!
If only we lived in a society where time was expressed numerically.

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Natural Math

Math as it’s used by the vast majority of people around the world is actually appliedmath. It’s directly related to how we work and play in our everyday lives. In other words it’s useful, interesting, even fun.

We now know babies as young as five months old show a strong understanding of certain mathematical principles.

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Child Mind Institute

Your son’s second grade teacher calls to say she’s concerned about some of his behaviors in school:

  • He can’t sit still through a half-hour lesson and disrupts the class.
  • He often seems distracted and doesn’t pay . . .

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What if Everything You Think You Know About Disciplining Kids Is Wrong?

“Too many educators, Greene believes, fixate on a child’s problems outside of school walls—a turbulent home, a violent neighborhood—rather than focus on the difference the school can make. “Whatever he’s going home to, you can do the kid a heck of a lot of good six hours a day, five days a week, nine months a year,” Greene says. “We tie our hands behind our backs when we focus primarily on things about which we can do nothing.”

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