From 2018, Bushwillow will provide the teacher training course ‘the power of Art and theme based teaching’ through its teacher training institute.

The course provides an introduction to artistic skills development and the pedagogy of interlinked learning. During the course, participants analyse their own teaching styles and develop thematic lesson plans to implement in their own classrooms.

We offer this course through 3 options:

  • A 3-day teacher retreat at Bushwillow School @ R2900/participant to include food and accommodation (minimum 15 participants). Tentative dates: 23-25 February 2018.
  • A 1-day workshop at Bushwillow School @ R500/ participant (minimum 15 participants). Tentative date: 3 February 2018.
  • An afternoon workshop hosted at your school @R350/participant (minimum 15 participants). Date to be determined by school.

Each course is followed-up with mentoring support. We can also tailor this course to your specific school requirements.

Key Course Features

  • Artistic skills development
  • Why Art? The benefits to learning associated with Art.
  • Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory and the Sensory Model (Dunn & Dunn, 1979).
  • STEM to STEAM education and The Leonardo Effect.
  • Thematic teaching: How to link learning outcomes and teach using themes.
  • Emergent Curriculum
  • Mentorship programme

For more information on the course, please contact Jenilyn Deyzel at 071-6833062.

Course Details