A Bushwillow Nature Walk

Jan 25, 2019

We were joined by Dutch volunteers on the 25th on January this year. Both children and teachers had a wonderful time.

Ntsiki Anderson will be volunteering every Thursday for first term. She’s worked in play services and sharing her expertise with us here at Bushwillow School.

Our new path down to the river
There were so many branches floating in the river and the children were making boats out of them and placing stones on them to send down the river.
High tide brought many new creatures to study, like cuttle fish, sea hares, and snails
We brought back a few items to see if they would sink or float. If the small stone sank and the big stick Floated, why did the stone float on the stick?
Page from a dictionary. Found at the sight of the house that burned down. A sad piece of evedence of someone’s precious life.
Collecting manure for our mini permaculture project.
Sorting and sifting the manure. Eew!!
Collecting beautiful soil from under the trees.

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