Bushwillow Kids News

Fishing Trip

By Raimey Esterhuizen (age 10)

On the 25th of February we went on a trip down to the beach to go snorkelling and fishing. At ten o’clock we had three cars, 3 kids in the first car, 3 kids in the second car and 4 kids in the third one. Off we went. We were all so excited, we found the perfect spot and put in our lines. After a while my friend felt a pull and caught the first fish of the day, next minute I felt a pull and caught the second fish of the day. Then it was someone else’s turn. My friend and I joined the snorkelling group even though the water was icy cold. When we got back to school we wrote a diary entry on our day. The end of my story.


By Reagan Williams (age 9)

We are going snorkelling at Bushwillow School and each child will get to choose a species of fish that we see and we will get to study that fish. We will have to go in the water to choose our fish and then remember what it looks like so we can identify it.

The day arrived sunny and bright and off we went to the beach, I loved it and I saw so many different kinds of fish that it was hard to choose which one to study. I eventually nailed it down to one fish, it is the Blacktail. I did a poster on my fish, what it eats, what eats it, where it lives and I also learnt that it can change from male to female or from female to male at any stage in its development. We also need to do a presentation on our fish while showing our poster.

A visit to the Salt Marshes

By Marijke Wigley (age 10)

This week Bushwillow children have been learning about the salt marshes. Really? Yes because I saw them at the salt marshes and they were all writing stuff down, I am just not sure how they got there… Well they walked of course. So what is a salt marsh? Well ask your children if they go to Bushwillow but if they don’t I will tell you. A salt marsh is a place where the mud forms a higher platform where little sea succulents grow and help filter the water. So that was another awesome week at Bushwillow!

A week at Bushwillow – the tree project

By Elami Bilili (age 10)

We started learning about trees this week, each child chose a tree and marked it as their own. Teacher Yvonne gave us green files to record weekly changes in our tree and record observations about our tree. We went out in groups and collected leaves, measured them and recorded their size and area in our green files. The other groups did maths with Teacher Julie and Peter Smailes. After that the teachers continued teaching us about the trees in our environment. They did a wonderful thing by teaching children about the trees and what they breathe in and out.