Bushwillow School Enrolment

Bushwillow offers a full-time enrolment option. In addition, children may also attend our activity day (every Friday) on a drop-in basis. Should you wish your child to attend either full-time or an activity day, please see below for details and application forms.

Fee Structure for 2023

Full-time enrolment

Monthly school fee (12 months – to be paid by the 1st of every month) Pre-primary (age 3-5):  R1 500
Grades R:  R2 400
Grades 1-2:   R2 500
Grades 3-4:   R2 500
Grades 5-6:   R2 600
Grades 7-8:   R3 300
Sibling discount (on monthly fee) Pre-primary: not applicable
Primary: R250 / month (+/-10%)
Grades 7-8:  R330 / month / (+/-10%)
Enrolment fee (to be paid on acceptance) Pre-primary: R1 200
Primary: R2 200

Full -time enrolment fees include:

  • All classes: Unlimited sports at school: soccer, cricket and athletics
  • All classes: Classroom Materials Fee
  • Senior class: One camp – 2 nights (excludes transport – depend on volunteers as usual)

Please note:

  • No sibling discount on enrolment fee or preschool fee.

Activity day

Friday Fee – ad hoc option R200 per child per day
(R180 per sibling)
Friday fee – regular visitor R400 per month, 12 months per year
(R360 per sibling)

Application Procedure


Complete the application form

Our application form can be downloaded below or be collected from Bushwillow school between 12-2.30pm on weekdays. Return the completed and signed application form with supporting documents to the school.

School Interviews

We will schedule a school interview and will contact you to book a time slot. We are holding these school interviews to obtain further background information on your child and their abilities as well as any questions you may have and invite both you and your child to take part in this interview.


Acceptance letter

If your child is accepted to attend our school, we will send you an acceptance letter.


Enrolment fee

To secure your place in the school we will need to receive your enrolment fee within 7 days of receipt of acceptance letter.

This application form is for both full-time enrolments and activity day on a drop-in basis